Everything You Need to Know About Your Hair Type

How to Find out Your Hair Kind — And Why It Matters

Direct answer in your own wavy and curly feel hair kind is much tougher. The guideline in regards to hair styles is that hair may be categorized into four broad classes: Straight, wavy, curlyhaired, and coily or kinky.
To untangle the complex universe of curls, we all requested haircare Industry pros and hairstylists to help us comprehend the science supporting curl creation and discuss their suggestions about how to care for your unique sort of spiral whether it is wavy (type 2), curled (form 3) or even coily (form 4). It is the secret to attaining beautiful and healthier hair irrespective of its shape!what is your curl type

What’s my hair curled?

Hair kind, from pin-straight into kinky, depends on the form Of the hair follicle .

The follicle, Exactly like the hair fiber, also may Differ Shapes and dimensions. Straight hair stems out of a round follicle, whereas twisted and oblong oval follicles produce wavy and curly hair. The depth of hair can also be determined by the follicle dimensions: The thicker your hair strand, so the bigger the area it develops from.

But that is not all. Contribute to a own curl pattern. In curly and wavy hair, they’re nearer and can bond among men, creating more stress from the hair and resulting in curling.

The more cysteine, the longer bonds shape, and also the curlier the hair,” Wilkerson notes, highlighting that both hair and follicle fiber operate in tandem in regards to making a curl.
The Way to spot your curl pattern

Through the Years, scientists have tried to classify Curliness by measuring various parameters of your hair . Among the most popularly mentioned studies is from the L’Oréal Institute for Ethnic Hair and Skin Research, that coordinated hair contours into eight forms by analyzing 2,449 topics from 22 states and five continents. Measuring skillet and skillet index (the proportion of the extended span of their hair to its own period in rest), also swiping waves and spins from every participant’s own hair, the scientist developed a method assigning a few to hair kind in 1-4. “The greater the amount, the curlier the hair along with the tighter the coil, the” Wilkerson describes.


The higher the amount, the curlier the hair along with the tighter The coil.

This manual Is an Excellent starting point for locating the curl Type which most looks yours (note this listing omits type 1, since it pertains to hair). To discover, you might choose to forfeit a couple of hair strands by squeezing out them off your mind while hair is still moist. Lay them flat from a white coating and then see them choose their normal shape whenever they air-dry. You will identify with a couple distinct patterns, as the hair does not necessarily include the identical kind of curl consistently during.


2B: Wavy

Type Two hair comprises natural waves which may vary from Barely noticeable to being confused for hair thinning hair. Wavy hair will be directly when moist and ripples because it dries. It differs from curled hair from its inability to make swirls or spins that wrap around . The trick for hair thinning hair would be always to keep it moisturized whilst providing it sufficient quantity to maneuver freely, so use your styling products and with a delicate bit.


Credit: Hera Hair Beauty  (Leading best hair salon Singapore)


Type 2A hair develops directly in the crown along with creases toward The finish. The wave contours appeared marginally from direct lines.

This wave kind is easy to comb and needs a minimum amount Of styling. The waves form obviously when air-dried. Search for shampoos and sprays which will not make your hair shinier, but rather add just a bit of quantity.

To equilibrium motion of waves using straighter hair in the summit, employ a mild mousse to enhance your roots and steer clear of rich creams which may flatten the flake by slowing down it.

Credit: Hera Hair Beauty  (Leading hair salon Singapore)


Type 2B hair grows directly, but begins forming moderate to Big S-shaped waves in the summit (think shore waves).

To Maintain the springy form of waves and keep them out of Tangling, use mild conditioner and shampoo formulas such as the GH Beauty Lab test-winning Garnier Fructis Complete and Plush duo to whiten hair without undermining its quantity. As this kind is generally frizzier than Form 2A, softly devised leave-in conditioners which coat the strands through humid days may add extra protection and maintain the waves undamaged.


Credit: Hera Hair Beauty  (Best hair salon Singapore)

Waves which form to a letter S silhouette as they rise. Although for many this might already resemble a normal curled hair, the 2C kind doesn’t type springs, a distinctive characteristic between curls and waves.
2C waves would be the most likely to frizz one of wavy hair styles. Maintaining keeping and volume frizz at bay can be a tricky endeavor, but leave-in sprays and hair serums have been shown to be an superb decision to balance both.

Form 3: Curly hair


3B: Curly


This class encompasses hair which divides in to springs and corkscrew shapes. If hair is wetand curls generally look just like waves however, choose a three-dimensional swirl contour since they’re dry. Each strand of the hair type could be exceptional. Search for products which are especially formulated for curls and also to stop frizz.



Curl type 3A features elongated spirals of curls which are Big in diameter and then roll from the crown. With big soft curls, this hair is generally not rough to the touch, also springs are both tight and full of life when styled.

3A curls are famous as some of the easiest Kinds of curls to Handle and with the ideal products, may not require substantially styling. Start looking for mild styling lotions that will assist control strands when drying and styling.

Even though this curl type could be straightened using a flat iron Or a blow-dry brush, then prepare to put in just a little elbow grease to receive your preferred appearance; attempt our GH Beauty Award winner Drybar The Dual Shot Blow-Dryer Brush, that is shown to add quantity whilst developing a sleek blowout.


curl type 3b curly

Type 3B has well-defined moderate size springs which resemble corkscrews.

You Don’t Have to increase quantity with this curl kind, as these spirals Create fullness by multiplying each other. 3B curls, nevertheless, are susceptible to breakage and frizz. The best way to wash your hair plays a vital part in re health, also star hairstylist Nikki Nelms, that fashions Solange’s along with Zoe Kravitz’s own hair, recommends drying using a cotton t-shirt, as routine cotton towels may be overly rough and lead to harm, dulling hairfollicles

Hair oils also serums that maintain the frizz off and provide glow Could be all that’s required to maintain 3B curls appearing lush. Attempt Goldwell Kerasilk Control Rich Hemp Oil, that blocked frizz in hair samples at the GH Beauty Lab’s evaluation and was not greasy, testers verified.


curl type 3c ultra curly

Type 3C hair includes springs which are more

When it comes to caring for curls, then”it is important to operate a Detangling comb from tip to root, rather than root to hint as many individuals do, to help lessen harm,” Nelms guides. To maintain these curls soft and full, utilize gentle shampoos like cleansing sprays (a.k.a. co-washes), which nourish and clean concurrently with high ratios of cleansing ingredients.

That has been a winner of this GH Beauty Lab’s cleansing dryers test. Hair dyes usually can keep this kind of curl in area and also supply frizz protection.

4A: Coiled

4B: Zig-Zag

This hair type could have a streamlined zigzag pattern which Does not spin around itself tightly-wound s-shaped curls. Additionally, it may incorporate the 2 contours. Sort 4 curls may shrink when dried, and therefore to establish when this is the curl pattern, then give it a closer look when hair is dried and wet.



Curl type 4A could be recognized by its own small but Uniquely S-shaped strands sequenced into searchable, tight earrings.

To minimize any harm, use shampoos and sprays which Are loaded with exfoliating agents and lightly exfoliate hair without excessive rubbing.

This Sort of hair may also benefit from further Nourishment from hair oils and lotions to maintain ringlets lavish to the touch and also shielded from moisture. We enjoy GH Beauty celebrity winner Suave Curl Defining Hair Lotion which efficiently averted frizz and softened with no crispy feel.


curl type 4b zig zag

Type 4B is characterized with its miniature zigzagged pattern, Which can be accompanied by compacted and s-shape coils.

This hair type adds itself to a Assortment of different styles, Also it can withstand an assortment of merchandise from mild to wealthy. However,”conditioning the bath is crucial either in the shower and also post-shower” advises Nelms. Clean and moisturize your curls with mild sprays and sprays, like Alaffia’s EveryDay Coconut shampoo along with EveryDay Coconut conditioner, equally crafted using virgin coconut oil without synthetic colors or synthetic fragrances.

4B curls would be vulnerable when moist, so make sure that your Hair is well-conditioned prior styling. Try out a wealthy leave-in conditioner which may be implemented on damp or dry hair, for example Pattern Leave-In Conditioner, that has been made for coily and tightly-textured strands also can be packaged with nourishing botanical oils.


curl type 4c tightly coiled

Other routine and have an extremely tight zig-zag shape that’s occasionally indiscernible into the eye.
Moisturization is essential.
When employing hair, oils, detangle and different your hair Together with your palms to guarantee the goods are equally dispersed. Nelms also Recommends sleeping with a silk pillowcase or sporting a hair bonnet for additional protection. “This helps retain hydration to get healthy curls,” She explains.

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