6 Simple Ways To Have Great Hair During Lockdown


Detox your hair at home through lockdown period with these useful tips.

Coronavirus pandemic has caused this world to be a challenging place to live in. Aside from being self-locked in your home, the main thing we ought to do is always to keep certain hygiene and remain healthier. As we cannot make any trip to the hair salon in Singapore for the time being, then let us begin our selfcare in our house with a haircare regime. Instead of have a sense of homebound, make full use of the opportunity to take care of your hair. If you believe oiling your hair and washing with shampoo are sufficient to have your gorgeous locks, then you’re mistaken. There are a number of different haircare which needs to be upkept to get stunning hair in your home. To get you started, we’ve shared a few hair care advice to you, particularly for this particular lockdown period. Just take a fast tour of this.

Tips To Care for Your Hair Throughout Lockdown

Here are tips for you to make the very best of the quarantine phase with appropriate hair care.

1. Hot Oil Massage

Recall how grandmother used to provide us a hot oil massage. It’s very great to nourish our own scalp from deep inside. It will result in healthier hair as it stimulates hair follicles and providing moisture.

2. Hot Towel Spa


Lots of you might not understand the perfect method to enable the oil deeply nourish your hair is by wrapping it around a hot towel. Put your towel warm water and thereafter strain the water and wrap it around your head. Put it for six to eight minutes and then start rinsing.

3. Shampoo Is Inadequate

Recall using shampoo is not enough even in the event that you use paraben free hair products. Shampoo takes the moisture away from the hair and therefore, you should use top-rated nourishing hair masques immediately after washing with shampoo. Consider prevent using natural hair conditioning such as uncooked egg, curd or some other acidic fruits.

4. Using Hair Serum

Serum helps to stop your hair from becoming that frizzy. Besides, it enable tangle free and shine instantly.

5. A Big No to Blow Drying


Since you’re home, preparing your hair with blow dry or some other hair styling tools such as straightener, curler, gel, setting hairspray should be avoided. Give a full detox for your hair and scalp for several days during lockdown.

6. Prevent Wet Combing

When our movement was not being limited, we always comb our hair in a rush to go out. That’s not a fantastic idea. You need to always provide some time for your hair to have the chance to naturally dried up then comb through lightly.

Hope these aforementioned tips will enable your hair to stay healthy during this lockdown period.

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