Balayage hair colours last forever and are perfect. You will never hear anyone tell you otherwise. Balayage is technically a technique for hand painting hair, but it also strongly correlates to a particular way of dispersing colours through the hair. Balayage looks young, stylish, and effortless. It is an easy to maintain hair colour that is also very easy to maintain. The magic of Balayage hair colours can add depth and dimension to any hairstyle. They look amazing when paired with soft curls. Balayage highlights are a great choice because of their beautiful effect and easy maintenance. This article will explain everything you need toRead More →

Keratin products are all the rage as they claim to be the “can-do” solution for any hair problem. If you are looking for a keratin treatment in Singapore and curious as to what a keratin hair treatment actually is, I’m happy to help. What is Keratin Treatment? Keratin Hair Treatment Products that Work Keratin treatments are one type of “thing”, while products for keratin treatment are many other things. A keratin hair treatment is intended to strengthen and improve the hair’s health, particularly if it’s done in a salon. Although it’s not a panacea, it can help you a lot! Keratin Hair Treatment: Contents What is a Keratin Treatment?Read More →

This is a common occurrence for those who are beginning to alter their hair color. Your appearance alone isn’t enough to determine the most suitable hair shade. Before choosing one of the hair colors on the chart think about the colour of your skin, your complexion’s undertone, and the color of your eyes. This article will help you learn: How do you determine the color of your skin’s undertone Which colors of hair are the most suitable for cool and warm undertones? How do you choose the best hair colour from the chart of hair color Be aware of the hues you select for the color ofRead More →

Keratin treatments are two of the most popular hair treatments, along with conditioner and shampoo. Keratin treatments can be used to build strength and volume. Oil masks are used to protect and restore hair moisture. Is it possible to combine them? Or should you choose one over the other? What is a Keratin Treatment? There are two types of Keratin treatments: the salon-style treatment or the at-home shampoo. Although they are vastly different, we will cover them both. A salon-style keratin is a technique for straightening your hair. It’s also known as a Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Although it is not a keratin treatment but keratinRead More →

Balayage is much easier to manage than it is to spell. This article will show you how to prevent your balayage becoming brassy and how to fix your roots without ruining your gorgeous balayage. Sometimes the differences in hair color highlighting techniques and trends can be so subtle that it’s difficult to maintain straight hair. Don’t worry. We are here…with a primer to help you understand the most popular highlighting trends. You can find out what makes these looks stand out with a balayage, sombre and lowlight look. WHAT IS BALAYAGE?  Balayage, also known as BAH-LEEAHGE in French, is a French term that means “sweeping” and can beRead More →

You might have recently heard of Kim Kardashian’s key for long, fit, thick hair, according to sister Kourtney Kardashian’s website Poosh a few weeks ago. No, it is not hair extensions (though they would be the fastest, simplest way to attain long, complete hair). It is rice –a very simple DIY mixture that lots of swear by because of its glistening consequences.   Based on Poosh, most Eastern nations utilize rice for its”therapeutic and nourishing advantages” with rice even being famous for its attractiveness advantages on facial skin such as much more radiance, eliminating soothing, soothing itchy skin, along with fading aging stains. But howRead More →

As far as the art of hair colouring goes, nowadays the skies the limit for inspiration and options. You can do vibrant means, experiment with gentle pastels, stick with a normal hue, paint on highlights, and any variant in between. Now here is a technique that falls upon the delicate end of this spectrum: The point of babylights is to be therefore gentle and blendable, ideally they are nearly undetectable. What exactly are babylights, and what exactly do they look like? Babylights are fine–floss sparse –weaves of highlights through foiling methods. Ordinarily their lightness is reached by bleaching to desirable level of elevator, rooted toRead More →

Cleaning your hair may not just be rocket science, however there’s a correct approach to detangle your tresses. There are a few universal principles of cleaning , naturally –things such as constantly cleaning out of the ground up (beginning at the top is only going to bring down knots to accumulate in the base, causing one to tug and lead to breakage). But there is more! Based on the form of hair you’ve –depth, texture, duration –how you need to approach the action of brushing differs. Nice hair is about locating a brush that’s gentle enough for use in your fragile strands. Search for brushesRead More →

In regards to hair maintenance , There are lots of benefits, tips, and fashions to stay up with, however there is 1 question which Will not wane in value: How often should you clean your own hair? Even though you might have heard you ought to shampoo your own hair as small as possible, the response simply is not that clear cut. And as all of us know, spraying on your roots using dry shampoo will help Blend them for a day or so, however it’s not supposed to replace genuine irrigation. Continue reading to find out what the actual answer about how often youRead More →

Likely, possibly love it or despise it. And as you are certain to have contended with your family and friends over if you want to be washing it every day, every other day, or once per week, based on star stylist Loretta Wollner, everything you should really be directing your energy is selecting the most appropriate shampoo for your hair type. “Different hair textures Need different Shampoo,” Wollner describes to Your List. And it is much easier to tell if you are using the incorrect shampoo than you believe. In case you’ve got good hair and discover your own hair is extra-flat or narrowed, moreRead More →