How Coronavirus Will Influence the Fashion and Our Hairstyles!

How Coronavirus Will Influence the Fashion and Our Hairstyles!

Change in Fashion: 

  • What is Fashion?

Fashion is a common term that is used for a popular style or renowned practice, especially in makeup, clothing, accessories, footwear, furniture, or body piercing. You can say that every different habitat or area has different fashion styles or trends. They have different ways in which their people dress and style to present their norms and culture. Fashion is a common trait and is used by everyone. In simple words, we can say that Fashion is the way how we daily dress and how we appear. What clothes we put on our body is not to protect ourselves but to express our sense of Fashion and style. Every region has Fashion according to its norms, rules, ideas, and trends. What they believe is their Fashion. For example, in African Fashion, they have thin clothes whereas, in Swedish Fashion they prefer warm clothes. And the same goes for hairstyles. Different hair salons offer you different hairstyles. Fashion is simply decoration ourselves that plays a significant role in crafting our identity.

  • Change in Fashion

A never-ending cycle of changes is known as Fashion. Fashion changes over years whether we like it or not it recycles. Style is getting influenced by others and by their way of styling. Fashion can reincarnate the old buried trends and can make them accessible again. Fashion has changed dramatically over the time duration of 100 years. Yet, it still hasn’t lost the touch of old trends as they recycle them and again bring them in the market. While some early school trends were famous in the 1950s and now they are again popular in the modern style and era of 2000s. Besides the clothing, hairstyles also change with the passage of time. But your hair saloons keep you in touch with Fashion of every era. You can quickly call Fashion a revival of trends or a wave of change. Despite gender, Fashion changes drastically. No matter, either you are a man or a woman your fashion trends change, revive, and recycle. But in some case, Fashion and trends are tied to identity because both the gender have different ways to style and dress.

  • Change in Fashion due to Coronavirus.

Now, we all know that both the fashion industry and trends will be highly affected due to this Coronavirus and it’s the pandemic situation. May fashion trends are being recycling, reincarnated, rejected, approved, or are created during this lockdown. Many people are leading their ways to DIY in Fashion. No matter, either it is in clothing, accessories, body piercings, hairstyles or whatever. A the clothing shops and hair salons are closed so people are having their ways by recycling or inventing their fashion trends and hairstyles. Now Fashion also includes beauty, and when this pandemic situation is over, we all want to look more beautiful, groomed, and sharp. One of the thing that is sure is that fashion trends will eventually slow down. As for now, they are coming to an abrupt stop. We would prefer for more comfortable clothes instead of our uncomfortable ones. And one of the best thing I would say is, we would more be able to easily recycle, mend and create our clothes as this is what we have been doing during this lockdown. We will go more towards the beauty and fashion trends and would try groom us as much as we can.

  • Effects of Coronavirus on Fashion

Every single thing has both the good and the bad effects so the same is with the Coronavirus. It effects the fashion industry in both ways positively and negatively. Positive effects push us to give our best performance while the negative effects make us see our mistakes, embrace them with open arms, and to conquer them. It will effect the fashion industry severely, but in both ways. It will also benefit us and will also have a negative effect on us. Now it depends on us to live on the positive things it will offer and face all the negativities it will cause. So, let’s see in what ways this Coronavirus will cause changes in fashion industry and how deeply it can effect our fashions and trends.

  • Positive effects of Coronavirus on fashion industry 

We should not just stay put and grieve over our mistakes but we should learn from them so, that we can embrace our future. No matter what we should always look on the brighter side of the picture and always try to make a way out of every problem. As the world is under the claws of Coronavirus so people are quarantined and in this situation they are engaging themselves in activities that are very productive. This can bring a huge positive change in the fashion industry as they are bringing new ideas trends daily. It can also grow the trend of online shopping in more as we are socially distancing ourselves now. We can simply order whatever we like and can get it easily at home.

  • Negative effects of Coronavirus on fashion industry 

coronavirus is a very pandemic situation all around the world, not only making all the fashion industries shops close but also making all the educational institutes close as well. It has shaken many people to the core and has caused many disturbing effects on fashion industry. Many new brands clothing lines and different products that were launched in 2020 are now completely down. These fashion lines have faced a huge loss. Not only this but also all the clothing stores, shops, and markets are also closed. Many countries that had been importing and exporting materials are now also prohibited from doing so. Because of this quarantine many fashion lines that had their chains in different countries and now unable to export their products to these different countries that are making them forcefully face loss. Not only fashion industries but also many people have tasted loss during this coronavirus situation as they have lost their jobs cause of the immediate shutdown of fashion industries and shops.

  • No more in-your face luxury

Many professional and busy women who were unable to taste the flavor of dressing simple and comfortable will now enjoy it openly. One of the majestic change in the fashion industry in my eyes is that men or woman would prefer comfortable clothes more then the uncomfortable yet designer clothes. People will influence each other to dress as they feel easy and care by simply dressing as they want. Fashion can be named as what you like and what you are comfortable in. you create your own Fashion, you create your own style. There’s no need to wear heavy jewelry and uptight clothes as Fashion is what you like the most. It is want you want and wear not what others want.

  • Being creative 

One change that Coronavirus will cause in Fashion is that we would become more creative and would reincarnate or recycle our own trends. During this current time as people are free and are making themselves busy in many skillful activities one thing they are focusing on the most is Fashion. Grooming yourself is never bad so the most focused thing during this pandemic situation is Fashion, hairstyle, and beauty. People are introducing new trends everyday and each of the trend is best and better than the previous one. This will be a huge success as we will be able to create our own fashion norms and trends. The same goes for hair styles as the hair saloons are closed at the very moment so many people are cutting their hairs themselves. Many people are learning new skills that includes knitting, crocheting and embroidering. There will be a huge bunch of ideas that will be offered to our fashion industries with up coming time.

  • Fashion trends will slow down

Now we all know that fashion industries are completely shut so there is no more new production is being done. I would say that as the lockdown is over people will buy the first thing they get their hands on instead of finding the new trends. As for that they have to wait a couple of months. Another drastic situation would be the seasonal clothes. All the new trends that were introduced in 2020 world for summer wear but now its about the season change. So there would be no new accessories, clothing, footwear, and much more according to the season. And it will take a little les than much time to produce new clothing and accessories. And in this people will tend to buy things that will be longer in Fashion than the others. It will also make them think before buying stuff as they won’t be sure about investing their money in out of fashion stuff. Many fashion experts bet that the long lasting classics will more be in Fashion an might become a trend. Many trends will change, many will vanish and many will be recycled and brought up again.

  • We will love to dress up, when this quarantine is over

After staying so longer in house we will actually love to dress up and go out. We will check for all the new trends and will try all the one’s we have created. We will also have to ditch our comfy home clothes and grab the office as we run to our works. This is when the fashion and style war will actually break out. Every single person will be flaunting their own styles and would be getting inspired from others. We will go for the tailored ware as we will step back in our world. We will wear more professional and sophisticated clothes that our regular home dresses.

  • We will spend on makeup, and will DIY our health and beauty

Lets say that we will spend our more money on makeup and beauty products than on clothing and foot ware. We will try to keep up with our beauty routines and will try to continue taking care of ourselves. We will buy more makeup products so that we can have a celebrity look. Experts say that people will hesitate in buying new piece of clothing in the fear of old-fashioned look and will go toward self-care and makeup.


  • Change in Hairstyles
  • Hairstyles and Hair salons

In this quarantine people are becoming creative as well as destructive both. Some are getting creative with their looks and are treating them with amazing new hairstyles whereas some are drastically destroying their hair. It can be simply a cause of stress that can lead you towards giving yourself a haircut. This home-hair makeover is both good and bad. As for hair salons, they are closed so many people have no choice but to trim their hair by themselves. A very come trend that took place in this isolation is completely trimming your hair. There is a huge list of hairstyles that you should definitely go and try for. Men are most likely to shave their head bald then women. Many people either men or women are now going for changing their hair color. It can be a very refreshing change and can give you a complete new look. Or you can simply go for hairstyles that you can do at home easily like a bob haircut. Or you can simply cut bangs and give yourself a cute look.

  • Changes in hairstyles due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus has been lately causing too much stress in people. Under pressure we tend to do things that make us feel light and refreshed. So, as assumed I can say that the biggest change that this Coronavirus will cause in our hairstyles will be short lengths. As many boys will go for the army haircut that will make them feel relieved and light and whereas girls will also cut their hair short. Another, proposition is that people in a drastic amount will change their hair color. Hair saloons will be booked for months for hair treatments and coloring.




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